thanks a lot america.

so today i woke up to this in my email:

Hi There!

We are working on a casting for a short film about individuals who are living/traveling in remote areas of the world, working in different fields, who have a special story to share about their experience – I came across your info via the web, and wanted to see if you OR someone you know may be interested in this.

Below are more specifics about the project and the Director etc…

Feel free to reach out with any questions as you look over. If its not for you, maybe a fellow traveler you have met, or organization that helped you along the way?

Thanks for your consideration!

We are a New York City based casting agency looking for INTERNATIONAL YOUNG ADULTS LIVING IN REMOTE LOCATIONS ABROAD FROM THEIR FAMILIES for an online short film sponsored by the Knorr brand.

Selected individuals will be featured in a short film portraying passionate people sharing their story about living in remote areas far from home.

* Male or Female (age: 20 – 30’s)
* Originally from Europe, Brazil, Central America, or South East Asia (Non-American)
* Living AWAY FROM HOME in remote location
* Example Careers: Researchers, Adventurers, Teachers, NGO, Doctors/Nurses, Volunteers, Foreign Correspondent, etc
* Willing to express their passions and feelings of being away from home
* Relatives (parents) back home they can video chat with
* Non-English speakers welcome, feel free to submit in your native language and we will translate

AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR: Nanette Burstein (Including nominations for an Academy Award, Sundance Jury Prize, Emmy, etc)
GOOGLE AD (example of another project we cast for Nanette)
SHOOT DATES: week of Feb 10 or Feb 17 (Flexible dates)
LOCATION: Director will travel to you

COMPENSATION:  All selected featured individuals will be compensated monetarily (more info available)

**First deadline for submissions: Friday, January 17th 2014**

1. Complete short online submission form:
2. Email with:
– Photos of yourself, your environment, and your family at home
– Link to short webcam video of yourself telling us your story
(For the video: please tell us a little about yourself, your current job/location, and about your family & relationship with them)

i was pumped. this would be awesome. i am all of these things. i watched the google commercial they did and was like, yeah, that’s totally me.

and then i saw that damn hyphenated word. “non-american.”

of course i emailed her just to double check if the rules couldn’t be bent for this very special american girl living in a remote mining town in west australia. she said she’d let me know if the specs change. i said i’d help spread the word and post it on my blog.

so here i am, inviting any non-americans living in remote areas abroad to take the role that could have made me famous.


on the plus side, she found me online. SHE found ME. which means my traveling self is finally making a dent on the internet. on the minus side, i’m still not non-american.

sometimes it pays to be an american, but today i wish i had a better german accent.

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