30 days of gratitude: day 7 – grandma bird

day 7

dear grandma bird,

i have never seen such immense love in someone’s eyes. when i looked at you looking at grandpa in his hospital bed last week, i could not help but get lost in your sadness, and yet, there was such an intense connection of love and life. i guess that is what 68 years together does.



i am grateful…

  1. that your love and marriage is an enduring example of commitment and loyalty
  2. that you and grandpa had my mother and raised her to be the woman she is today
  3. for every grandparents’ day that you came to and that you let me share you with aisha, since her grandparents couldn’t be there
  4. for your sage grandma wisdom including, but not limited to, making sure to look smokin’ hot for my man, so he’ll never stray
  5. for your reliable prayer work and dedication to christian science
  6. that you knitted me an amazing baby blanket
  7. for your peach cobbler and baby back rib recipes
  8. that you made me jump over a broom so i’m not living in sin with my boyfriend
  9. for the love and generosity you have for your grandchildren and great grandchildren
  10. for the jewelry passed down to me that you acquired from your many travels
  11. that you have kept a detailed account of when and where you and grandpa have traveled
  12. for the strength you have and the strength that comes with being a “bird woman”
  13. and that i am a bird woman
  14. for your relationship advice and reminding me that forgiveness is essential
  15. for your beauty, in youth and now
  16. that backseat driving runs in the family, starting with you
  17. that you are always there for my mother (as a mother should be)
  18. that you took care of grandpa for all of us, especially over the last few years
  19. that you always buy milk in a bag
  20. for your skepticism of the internet
  21. for that time you got down on the dance floor with anthony at mark’s wedding (seriously, so good)yeah anthony!
  22. that thanks to you, i will always have a plethora of beautifully embroidered pillow cases
  23. for all the photos you collected over the years and the album you created to preserve them
  24. that you are healthy
  25. for your hugs and big kisses on the lips
  26. that you are the glue that holds this family together
  27. for how warm and inviting your home has always felt to me
  28. for all the times you babysit me as a child
  29. for your infamous wall of photos of your 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren
  30. that i am your granddaughter

30 days of gratitude: day 6 – seester

day 6

dear seester,

with six years between us, i know i was that annoying little sister that would never leave you alone and wanted to be just like you, but you know what, i’m not sorry. i still look up to my older sister and enjoy every minute that i get to be around you.

i am grateful…

  1. that we totally both think of each other and get super emotional every time we see a movie about sisters, hear a song about sisters, or read an article about sisters (insert reba now… “my sister…my friend”)
  2. that despite protest, you eventually were okay with me taking horseback lessons (aka your sport), i think…
  3. that you bought me my very first journal as a gift when i was sick in fifth grade (who knew it would be the first of many, many, many more)
  4. that you sat through the “boring” ballet half of my dance recitals to get to the good stuff like tap and hiphop that came after intermission
  5. for that time you visited me freshman year of college and we took a random road trip that involved a selfie photoshoot with our wendy’s order???

  6. that you ran my bookkeeping for me`free of charge when i first started my own business
  7. that you are such an amazing adventure partner always up for the next snowboarding trip or wakeboarding outing or atv excursion
  8. for the drunken bar phone calls i would get where you would tell random guys next to you how hot your little sister was (i think you’re hot too)
  9. for loving karaoke just as much as i do and owning the mic whenever we go
  10. that you play hockey and brought home a bunch of hot canadian freeze players to live with us for awhile
  11. that i was there to witness you slashing that asshole and getting 10 minutes in the penalty box during one of your hockey games (you’re a badass)
  12. that you potty trained me (or so mom says)
  13. that people say our personalities are similar and i take it as a compliment
  14. for that one time i stayed at your house and you cut up watermelon for me just like mom used to do
  15. that you’re always there to help me pick up the pieces when my heart falls apart
  16. for all the times you dropped me off or picked me up from somewhere because mom or dad couldn’t
  17. for giving me a key to your house and all the times you’ve let me crash in your guest bedroom
  18. for the incredible passion you have for learning new things
  19. that despite all our sisterly fights, i know you always have my back
  20. that you taught me how to summersault (and that there is video evidence of how awesome i can summersault)
  21. that you would let me hang out with your cool, older friends around the bonfire when we were figuring out our lives post parents’ divorce (even if my habachi style massage techniques were slightly annoying)
  22. for the times you’ve set me straight (everyone needs a little tough love sometimes)
  23. for being the one who takes care of our parents when dan and i are thousands of miles away
  24. for the fact that i have two of the most amazing siblings ever (not biased at all)
  25. and that i got to watch you both and learn from your mistakes (benefit of being the baby)
  26. that you found such a strong interest in technology and have crafted an amazing career from it
  27. that you have always been such a positive role model to me
  28. for that time you sent me like 10 birthday cards in the mail for my 30th birthday (oh how i do love me some greeting cards)
  29. that you forgave me for cutting off all of your “my little pony” tails (i really thought they would grow back, i’m sorry)
  30. that i have a built-in best friend to help me get through the hard times and celebrate the good times

30 days of gratitude: day 5 – dad

day 5

dear dad,

it’s time to say thank you to the other half of the sara creation equation. after a quick week of snuggling up on the couch by your side, i miss you already. i am so lucky to get to pop back to chicago as much as i do to catch up my daddy time. now onto all the other reasons, i am so lucky.

i am grateful…

  1. for friday nights country line dancing at the vfw honing my killer tush push, slappin’ leather, and two-step skills
  2. for your frightfully loud yells to interrupt long periods of silence in the car on road trips (and how hilarious you thought it was every time)
  3. and for your meticulously tracking of which gas stations and restaurants were at every highway exit along said road trips (before google maps)
  4. that you taught me how to check my oil and are always there for calls about weird noises my car is making (seriously though, what is that cricket in my tire?)
  5. that you are so proud of your three children (we are so proud of you too)
  6. for your perfect comedic timing and dry sense of humor
  7. that for several years, you spent 60+ hours cleverly hiding money into every day objects and turned christmas into an EPIC scavenger hunt (i still can’t figure out how you get a dollar bill inside a seemingly unopened can of tuna)
  8. that i understand and appreciate that a smack to the gut or a tug on my ponytail means “i love you so much”
  9. for all the long hours and hard work you put in to make sure i could take advantage of everything this life had to offer
  10. that you always had conversion vans accessible to help move all my stuff from one college house to the next (and that you drove the five hours there and back to help me do it)
  11. for your collection of amazing machines growing up… slushy machine, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, hot dog machine, soda machine… what more could a kid want?!
  12. for your incredible ability to make the biggest splash doing a can-opener off of the high dive
  13. that you sat through every single one of my dance recitals, school musicals, and other performances
  14. that i always knew when you had eaten the ice cream (no one else can make it quite as perfectly flat as you)
  15. for the letters and poems you sent to me while i was at the new england literature program in college and disconnected from technology for six weeks (and your secretly amazing wordsmith skills)
  16. that you still allow me to curl up next to you or into your lap even though i am a grown woman
  17. that you are the only person i know who can make that weird hissing/spitting/puckering sound effect with your mouth (i won’t even attempt to try and spell it out, but you know the one)
  18. for your siblings and everything that is “the schneider side of the family”
  19. for your delicious recreation of your mom’s german pancake recipe (you’re going to have to give us kids a lesson one of these days)
  20. for your extremely…long…drawn…out…way…of…telling…stories…complete…with…hand…gestures…
  21. for your extreme attention to detail (ahem, perfectionism) and intensely creative mind
  22. that you seem to figure everything out without ever asking me any questions
  23. that you finally started to get out and see the world through your travels (and for the times you bring us kids along)
  24. that you have a mailing address that remains the same for long periods of time (and that you allow me to use it as my mailing address no matter where i am calling home at the time)
  25. for your outgoingness, charm, and wit
  26. that you always let me ride in your big chief go cart when i was too small to drive my own
  27. for the fact that your garage at old kirk was basically like getting lost in an “american pickers” episode (i think that old snow sled might be worth something nowadays)
  28. that you know how to build the biggest bonfires i’ve ever seen and that we grew up in a place where we could do so
  29. for the times i’ve seen you happy and the times i had to figure out why there was a photo of a panda on the wall
  30. that i am your little weasel and always will be

bonus: for the days when you used to wake us up with “sin wagon” and the rest of that dixie chicks album blaring as loud as the speakers could go

30 days of gratitude: day 4 – ryan

day 4

dear ryan,

today i am feeling homesick, which is strange because i was just “home.” i just spent a week with my family and the friends who have been home to me since i was a child. but, nowadays, home is wherever i’m with you (not to steal edward sharpe’s words or anything). this list could literally go on for hundreds of reasons, but here are the first 30 that come to mind.

i am grateful…

  1. for four years of laughter, friendship, hardship, and deepening love
  2. that you decided to go climbing in maple canyon back in september 2013
  3. for your impressive ability to ride the highs and lows of my dramatic emotions with complete stability
  4. that you share my passion for adventure and travel, especially rock climbing and snowboarding
  5. for your creative, problem-solving mind, always crafting or dreaming up your next project
  6. that you know how to fix everything when it breaks (except your computer, which is why you have me)
  7. that even when you don’t know how to make me feel better in hard times, you listen, and try
  8. for airplanes and our ability to afford flights, because let’s be honest, without them, we are nothing
  9. for your loving and thoroughly entertaining family and friends
  10. that i am so proud to have you as my partner
  11. that you are just so damn nice (and help me be nicer too)
  12. that you are always willing to lend a hand when friends are in need (or even strangers broken down on the side of the road)
  13. that you created a coffeeshop out of cardboard (complete with sounds and smells) when i was stuck in the australian desert and missing my portland lifestyle
  14. that physical activity and good health is important to you
  15. that you love my big butt
  16. for all the times you have brought me ice cream, and not judged me for it
  17. that you challenge me to try new things (kiteboarding is awesome)
  18. that you don’t mind (too much) that i suck at “womanly” things like cooking and doing the dishes
  19. for your written words and stories (when you give yourself the time to write)
  20. for the life we have built together in hawaii and the life we will continue to create together
  21. that we continually try to push the limits of what is “normal” even for us
  22. for the moments when you need me
  23. that you support my career even when it means lots of time apart
  24. that you brought home two baby kangaroos to make life better in the desert
  25. for your positive influence on my finances and spending habits
  26. for your hot bod and head of curls (it had to be listed)
  27. that you are independent and respect my independence as well
  28. but that we basically do everything together anyways
  29. for your horrible dad jokes (i might regret writing this after a few more rounds of hearing the same ones over and over)
  30. for your acceptance of everything that is me

30 days of gratitude: day 3 – kayla & kristina

day 3

dear lala & tine,

every time that i hang out with you two, i cannot help but have a hilarious time. for the past 25 years or so, you have both been such huge parts of who i am. you’re sharing a day of gratitude because there is way too much overlap. thanks for being two fixtures that remain the same in my ever-changing life.

i am grateful…

  1. that my mom decided to send me to copeland dance when i was six, and eventually made it into junior stars and into your hearts ❤
  2. for your ability to make me (and everyone) feel included, even if they feel like an outsider
  3. for your amazing and lovable parents (and siblings) who have always cared for me as their own
  4. that you had bebe clothes you didn’t mind passing along to me
  5. for your down-to-earth borderline raunchy dude bro personalities
  6. that no matter how long it has been since i’ve seen or talked to you, i know you are always there for me
  7. for your incredible love of animals (i don’t know anyone else with more pets than your two families)
  8. that you support my crazy adventures and follow along
  9. that you love ryan almost as much as me and immediately initiated him into our clan
  10. for the way you go out of your way to make people feel special
  11. for your extremely skilled ability to fart, burp, and just generally be gross
  12. for an endless amount of ridiculous memories including lawnmower races, hillbilly jam sessions, peach smelling showers, poolside shaving, falling down (and up) stairs, fast food parking lot hangouts, and a slew of month long sleepovers
  13. that you were still my friend even though i didn’t get an escape as my first car (and my name doesn’t start with a ‘k’)
  14. that you are both as loud, outgoing, and tall as me
  15. that you make coming home to st. charles something to look forward to
  16. and that when i am gone, i miss you both… a lot

kayla, i am grateful…

  1. that i got to ski aspen with you and the fam, and will smith
  2. for our open door poop talks
  3. for your beautiful eyes (seriously)
  4. for how epic our high school locker was for all four years
  5. that you honed my ocd organization skills at a young age (you can hire me in adulthood too)
  6. for the incredible way you are able to keep in touch with your core group of friends daily (so impressive)
  7. that you forgave me for spilling the beans about the screwdrivers (i think i’m forgiven…)

kristina, i am grateful…

  1. you found such a quality husband who has always lovingly put up with our shenanigans
  2. and for the beautiful family you are creating (and sharing with us)
  3. for reminding me that you are stronger than me and can kick my ass (or just duct tape me to your kitchen floor)
  4. for your stubbornness, sarcasm, and sensitive side
  5. that you are so hardworking and motivated to help others
  6. that you were there for my mom and i when she was going through treatment
  7. for your steadfastness and honoring of traditions (i always know where you’ll be on your birthday)

30 days of gratitude: day 2 – mom

day 2

dear mom,

you are the most logical choice for these early days of gratitude. without you, there is no me. so let’s begin with that.

i am grateful…

  1. that you and dad had a happy accident back in 1986
  2. for your never-ending, overabundant optimism
  3. for the example you set as a strong, hardworking woman throughout my childhood (pretty sure you had 3 jobs at one point)
  4. for every drop off and pick up from copeland dance studio (let’s see… 5 days/week for at least 10 years)
  5. that you and dad always found a way to fund my activities and education even through financial hardship
  6. that you opened your home to my friends and were a “cool” mom
  7. that you sent me to chicago jr. school for an unique fundamental education that shaped my formative years
  8. for your ability to see the good in everyone
  9. that you taught me to sew the ribbons onto my pointe shoes by myself
  10. that you made sure i took advantage of every opportunity life threw at me
  11. for your desire to travel and explore new places (clearly genetic)
  12. for your youthful appearance (bodes well for me since i’m a spitting image of you)
  13. for your non-judgmental understanding of my decisions
  14. for your overwhelming compassion and need to take care of others
  15. that you put up with me through my teenage girl years
  16. for your adventurous spirit (especially when it comes to amusement park water rides)
  17. that you kicked cancer’s ass singlehandedly (seriously, don’t try to be superwoman again)
  18. for every turkey that has “flown” across our kitchen on thanksgiving day
  19. for your eagerness to continually learn new things (even if i have to deal with a slew of new books gifted to me because of it)
  20. for your ridiculously narrated family videos from childhood, such treasures now
  21. that you sense when i need you to be there for me without me having to ask
  22. for your perfect baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
  23. for your slightly off key, but entirely adorable, renditions of celine dion and mariah carey
  24. that you grew out of your perm phase (love you)
  25. for your constant reminders of god’s love
  26. that you passed so many things onto me: your love of youth and dance and nature and travel and horses and so much more
  27. for your endless crazy business ideas (tacos in germany…)
  28. for the freedom you allowed me as a child, to explore, get lost, mess up, and learn on my own
  29. that you kept my shitty ceramics artwork on the fireplace mantel forever (and have always supported my pursuit of the arts)
  30. that you are my mom and i am your daughter

30 days of gratitude: day 1 – grandpa bird

november is about thanksgiving. and thanksgiving is about giving thanks. so, for the next 30 days, i am going to do just that. i have not made a list and handpicked 30 people for which i am grateful. i will take time each day to reflect and write what comes to me. but, to have some form of a template, i will write 30 statements of gratitude for each person, place, or thing (in addition to whatever else i want to write).

day 1

dear grandpa bird,

today, i sat alongside your hospital bed and could not help but sink into and sift through the uncountable reasons i am grateful for you.

i am grateful…

  1. for your blue eyes that stare back at me in my own reflection
  2. and your chubby german cheeks that sit upon my own face
  3. that you set such an amazing example of love and companionship for me (married to grandma for over 67 years)
  4. that you made every past boyfriend of mine feel super awkward as you told them a dirty joke as an introduction
  5. that you always kept twizzlers in a jar for us grandkids
  6. for your fishing lessons from the dock
  7. that you had a pontoon boat to take us on rides down the rock river
  8. for your entrepreneurial spirit (which i definitely inherited)
  9. for your fascinating stories about being a milkman and a kiebler elf and a slushy man and a dolphin security guard
  10. that you built the house i grew up in on a block of land perfect for adventures and exploration
  11. that you lived above us during my childhood and got to experience me growing up
  12. and that you always tell the story about how i would come running upstairs after getting out of the bathtub as a little girl, flash open my towel, and run back downstairs giggling
  13. for your stubbornness
  14. and for every smart ass comment you said that made grandma yell “david!”
  15. for your thrifty spending habits
  16. for your financial advice (my kids will have my life insurance thanks to you)
  17. for always stocking the fridge with cream soda
  18. for teaching me how delicious a “black cow” can be
  19. for the giant wooden clogs you got from holland that i always slipped my tiny feet into and marched around the house in
  20. for the times i got to crawl up into your lap while you relaxed in your favorite arm chair
  21. that you and grandma drink milk out of a bag, and i have never met anyone else who does
  22. for your endless travels and grandma’s meticulous tracking of them (i think you still have me beat so far)
  23. that you’re the kind of man who brought gifts to mexico each winter to give to the hotel staff
  24. that you told me to get creative with my tax write offs… goats = lawn care
  25. for the love and support you’ve always given your family, starting with turning down harvard
  26. for every game of rummikub and skipbo
  27. that you raised our family with christian science
  28. for every “grandparents’ day” that you attended at chicago jr. school
  29. for every time you asked me if i knew the song written about me and proceeded to sing “que será, será, whatever will be, will be”
  30. that today i got to kiss your forehead and see you at peace

sex appeal.

they say if you don’t use it, you lose it. tonight, i realized i lost it, and i never had it.

i’m back in portland for a month and on day two, have already stepped back into my normal portland groove. one of the reasons i love being back in major cities is that they have opportunities for old people to dance. (yes, in dance years, i am old.)

i checked out what was on the schedule at vega dance lab for tuesday, signed up for a month of unlimited classes, and headed to the studio post-work. tonight’s classes included burly q, jazz, and hip hop cabaret. all of these classes should actually just be named bruised knees, strained neck, and broken lower back.

i have not regularly taken jazz or hip hop classes for years. probably something like five years to be exact. there has been the occasional class here or there when i am in portland or find a random class at some fitness place wherever i am living at the time, but since i moved from michigan, i have not performed. and since i moved from portland, i have not regularly practiced.

i have never been the best dancer, but in my early 20s, i was in pretty in tune with my body and evolving nicely into my movement exploration. i performed as part of a hiphop group in college (exhibit a) and a modern dance collective post-college (exhibit b). i felt good. i felt great. i felt fulfilled most importantly.

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

i went to the studio tonight to relocate that feeling. i’ve missed dance. especially with all the chaos of the world, i miss the physical and emotional release of movement.

but tonight, as i swung my hips from side to side and attempted to convert choreography quickly into my body’s muscle memory, i did not feel good. i definitely did not feel great.

i felt old, out of practice, and incredibly unconfident.

i know, i know… what did i expect? five years is a long time. but as dancers, i think we forget that it is a practice. that learning choreography quickly is a skill. that moving your body dynamically and rhythmically is a skill. that performing art is a skill.

i do know that i still have all those skills. that with time, my body and mind can remember. however, tonight also proved to me that there is one skill i have never had and at this age, i’m pretty sure i should just probably just give up on…

sex appeal.

the three classes i took tonight were all about highlighting my nonexistent sexiness skills. a burlesque jazz class, followed by a sexy jazz class, followed by a cabaret hip hop class. two of which were taught by a 6’4 black man & drag queen who has more sex appeal in his pinky toe than i do in my whole body (exhibit c).

exhibit c:

i let down my hair to try to get into character. whipping hair all over the place is the universal first step towards sexiness.

i swirled my hips and popped my booty the best i could, but it is hard to look hot while trying to figure out which arm swoops around your head before it wraps around your waist. oh and wait, was that on the beat or on the one? can you do that ridiculously fast, too many moves crammed into one count section again? and again? and again?

sure, with repetition, you eventually master the moves. but even with the choreography in my body, i have never been able to master the attitude. i have always felt way more comfortable with more masculine hip hop or beautiful movement that tells a story. this whole diva thing has never quite sunk into my body.

i remember growing up with dancers who just had it. their movement was so sultry and so confident. a simple turn of the head or flick of the hand felt naughty. but me, i felt stupid.

and tonight, i felt stupid.

now, don’t get me wrong. by no means am i saying that i do not think i am sexy. please do not leave comments telling me how smoking i am (unless, i mean, you just really feel the need… :P). what i am saying is that i envy all the confident men and women out there who have mastered smoldering eyes and sassy struts. you amaze me.

and i’ll keep going to hip hop cabaret in hopes that one day my hair whip will be as good as yours. in the meantime, i guess i’ll keep practicing my pirouettes…


i am not one who typically feels helpless. in high school, when i wasn’t getting an A in calculus, i sought out tutoring during my free period. in college, when i couldn’t figure out astronomy or economics, i did the same. (clearly, math and science are not my strong suits.)

regardless of the situation, i have never been afraid to ask for help. help being picked up from the airport. help fixing the fact that my bank account overdrafted and there are no banks near me to immediately deposit cash. help making my ceviche not taste like shit. help getting out of the house when binge watching netflix has held me hostage for days.

and i have always tried to help others when i knew how. help underprivileged youth finish homework assignments on time and graduate high school. help clean up trash from beautiful beaches and climbing areas. help friends talk through hard times and big decisions. help family run emergency daycare pickups when flights are missed.

but i have never felt as helpless as i do right now.

i am empowered to assist. i am passionate about injustice. i am motivated to create change. and yet, the next steps seem so faraway. i click on facebook post after facebook post promising ways to take action, but they all seem so arbitrary.

the dark cloud that has been floating over us since november continues to hover. continues to make me want to stay in my hawaiian bubble or retreat to my australian getaway. it is this underlying sickness of feeling utterly helpless in the face of such daily tragedy. here, and everywhere.

a few days ago, we were detoured due to a traffic accident. i couldn’t help but stalk google for updates on the incident. that feeling of horror would not leave my gut, so i kept trying to calm it with details. every unfortunate detail. five car crash, four dead, two injured. a 50-something-year-old man driving a pickup truck crossing the center line and crashing head-on into a camry uber.

we were minutes down the road.

i did not know any of the people in this crash, but yesterday as i picked my “nephew” up from daycare, i could not shake the fear. the danger of driving. the unknowingness of daily life. the deepening pit that would eventually eat me alive if anyone’s life was lost on my watch.

i did not know any of the people who were murdered in las vegas, but as i thought about the hollywood action scene unfolding onto reality, the pit deepened. the helplessness sunk in harder. harder. harder. harder. what fear will this cause?

i stared at all their faces today. faces that could have easily been mine. (you know i love me some country music.) i read article after article and watched clip after clip and am still left asking how? how does humanity get here? how do we get the fuck out of here? how can i help? how can we help?

i am asking you because i need help. because i need to help.

diving in.

two years ago, i departed from the space we daily occupy. after a couple hours of important education, i bit down on the mouthpiece and rolled backwards off the boat. sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean blue.

last week, i departed from the space we daily occupy. after a couple minutes of important education, i stepped into a harness, boarded an airplane, and climbed thousands of feet into the clouds, above the clouds. hovering around the sky, i did what we were born to do. flying faster and faster towards the trees that keep us grounded.


there are people whose feet never leave the dirt. i am not one of those people.

i am very aware that my feet were made for the soft grass. the kind of grass that deserves bare skin and a moment of recognition. but i was born to this earth. all of it. i was born with gills, and i was born with wings.

i have not written much since we moved to hawaii in february 2016, but there has been so much to say. when the momentary annoyances of outdated city life settle into silence, the natural wonders of the islands speak louder than i could have imagined.

when the vicious waves slam me into the dead coral reef, i cringe. but as i come up for air just in time to catch a stingray quickly coasting over the crystal clear ocean surface, i remember why so many people are called to the sea.

there are ocean people. i am not one of them. but in the past year and a half, i have taught myself that just maybe, i am capable of finding a deeper connection to the vast blue planet beyond the shoreline. that just maybe, the same grandeur that naturally draws me to the tall pine trees lining mountain slopes might exist amongst the turtles and tuna.

and last week, as i carelessly launched my body out over that same ocean blue from 12,000 feet above, i learned why people love to fly. every element of this existence zoomed out to the big picture. shorelines sketching the outlines of islands. communities collectively organizing sections of earth. browns separating themselves from blues separating themselves from greens.

i was not afraid.

“but she says: ‘no, don’t you see we have wings? it’s the funniest thing, it’s just that no one knows.’” (“josephine” by teitur)

earth, wind, fire, water, air. our elemental composition trends towards a return to source.

why are humans transfixed on finding ways to fly? to breathe underwater? to climb the highest peak? to create fire?

it started with a spark.

just as our hearts know when another is beating in sync with our own, our bodies intrinsically know we belong to every element of this earth.

i scuba dive. i skydive. i continue to dive into whatever this life is willing to offer.