30 days of gratitude: day 3 – kayla & kristina

day 3

dear lala & tine,

every time that i hang out with you two, i cannot help but have a hilarious time. for the past 25 years or so, you have both been such huge parts of who i am. you’re sharing a day of gratitude because there is way too much overlap. thanks for being two fixtures that remain the same in my ever-changing life.

i am grateful…

  1. that my mom decided to send me to copeland dance when i was six, and eventually made it into junior stars and into your hearts ❤
  2. for your ability to make me (and everyone) feel included, even if they feel like an outsider
  3. for your amazing and lovable parents (and siblings) who have always cared for me as their own
  4. that you had bebe clothes you didn’t mind passing along to me
  5. for your down-to-earth borderline raunchy dude bro personalities
  6. that no matter how long it has been since i’ve seen or talked to you, i know you are always there for me
  7. for your incredible love of animals (i don’t know anyone else with more pets than your two families)
  8. that you support my crazy adventures and follow along
  9. that you love ryan almost as much as me and immediately initiated him into our clan
  10. for the way you go out of your way to make people feel special
  11. for your extremely skilled ability to fart, burp, and just generally be gross
  12. for an endless amount of ridiculous memories including lawnmower races, hillbilly jam sessions, peach smelling showers, poolside shaving, falling down (and up) stairs, fast food parking lot hangouts, and a slew of month long sleepovers
  13. that you were still my friend even though i didn’t get an escape as my first car (and my name doesn’t start with a ‘k’)
  14. that you are both as loud, outgoing, and tall as me
  15. that you make coming home to st. charles something to look forward to
  16. and that when i am gone, i miss you both… a lot

kayla, i am grateful…

  1. that i got to ski aspen with you and the fam, and will smith
  2. for our open door poop talks
  3. for your beautiful eyes (seriously)
  4. for how epic our high school locker was for all four years
  5. that you honed my ocd organization skills at a young age (you can hire me in adulthood too)
  6. for the incredible way you are able to keep in touch with your core group of friends daily (so impressive)
  7. that you forgave me for spilling the beans about the screwdrivers (i think i’m forgiven…)

kristina, i am grateful…

  1. you found such a quality husband who has always lovingly put up with our shenanigans
  2. and for the beautiful family you are creating (and sharing with us)
  3. for reminding me that you are stronger than me and can kick my ass (or just duct tape me to your kitchen floor)
  4. for your stubbornness, sarcasm, and sensitive side
  5. that you are so hardworking and motivated to help others
  6. that you were there for my mom and i when she was going through treatment
  7. for your steadfastness and honoring of traditions (i always know where you’ll be on your birthday)

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