30 days of gratitude: day 4 – ryan

day 4

dear ryan,

today i am feeling homesick, which is strange because i was just “home.” i just spent a week with my family and the friends who have been home to me since i was a child. but, nowadays, home is wherever i’m with you (not to steal edward sharpe’s words or anything). this list could literally go on for hundreds of reasons, but here are the first 30 that come to mind.

i am grateful…

  1. for four years of laughter, friendship, hardship, and deepening love
  2. that you decided to go climbing in maple canyon back in september 2013
  3. for your impressive ability to ride the highs and lows of my dramatic emotions with complete stability
  4. that you share my passion for adventure and travel, especially rock climbing and snowboarding
  5. for your creative, problem-solving mind, always crafting or dreaming up your next project
  6. that you know how to fix everything when it breaks (except your computer, which is why you have me)
  7. that even when you don’t know how to make me feel better in hard times, you listen, and try
  8. for airplanes and our ability to afford flights, because let’s be honest, without them, we are nothing
  9. for your loving and thoroughly entertaining family and friends
  10. that i am so proud to have you as my partner
  11. that you are just so damn nice (and help me be nicer too)
  12. that you are always willing to lend a hand when friends are in need (or even strangers broken down on the side of the road)
  13. that you created a coffeeshop out of cardboard (complete with sounds and smells) when i was stuck in the australian desert and missing my portland lifestyle
  14. that physical activity and good health is important to you
  15. that you love my big butt
  16. for all the times you have brought me ice cream, and not judged me for it
  17. that you challenge me to try new things (kiteboarding is awesome)
  18. that you don’t mind (too much) that i suck at “womanly” things like cooking and doing the dishes
  19. for your written words and stories (when you give yourself the time to write)
  20. for the life we have built together in hawaii and the life we will continue to create together
  21. that we continually try to push the limits of what is “normal” even for us
  22. for the moments when you need me
  23. that you support my career even when it means lots of time apart
  24. that you brought home two baby kangaroos to make life better in the desert
  25. for your positive influence on my finances and spending habits
  26. for your hot bod and head of curls (it had to be listed)
  27. that you are independent and respect my independence as well
  28. but that we basically do everything together anyways
  29. for your horrible dad jokes (i might regret writing this after a few more rounds of hearing the same ones over and over)
  30. for your acceptance of everything that is me

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