30 days of gratitude: day 2 – mom

day 2

dear mom,

you are the most logical choice for these early days of gratitude. without you, there is no me. so let’s begin with that.

i am grateful…

  1. that you and dad had a happy accident back in 1986
  2. for your never-ending, overabundant optimism
  3. for the example you set as a strong, hardworking woman throughout my childhood (pretty sure you had 3 jobs at one point)
  4. for every drop off and pick up from copeland dance studio (let’s see… 5 days/week for at least 10 years)
  5. that you and dad always found a way to fund my activities and education even through financial hardship
  6. that you opened your home to my friends and were a “cool” mom
  7. that you sent me to chicago jr. school for an unique fundamental education that shaped my formative years
  8. for your ability to see the good in everyone
  9. that you taught me to sew the ribbons onto my pointe shoes by myself
  10. that you made sure i took advantage of every opportunity life threw at me
  11. for your desire to travel and explore new places (clearly genetic)
  12. for your youthful appearance (bodes well for me since i’m a spitting image of you)
  13. for your non-judgmental understanding of my decisions
  14. for your overwhelming compassion and need to take care of others
  15. that you put up with me through my teenage girl years
  16. for your adventurous spirit (especially when it comes to amusement park water rides)
  17. that you kicked cancer’s ass singlehandedly (seriously, don’t try to be superwoman again)
  18. for every turkey that has “flown” across our kitchen on thanksgiving day
  19. for your eagerness to continually learn new things (even if i have to deal with a slew of new books gifted to me because of it)
  20. for your ridiculously narrated family videos from childhood, such treasures now
  21. that you sense when i need you to be there for me without me having to ask
  22. for your perfect baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
  23. for your slightly off key, but entirely adorable, renditions of celine dion and mariah carey
  24. that you grew out of your perm phase (love you)
  25. for your constant reminders of god’s love
  26. that you passed so many things onto me: your love of youth and dance and nature and travel and horses and so much more
  27. for your endless crazy business ideas (tacos in germany…)
  28. for the freedom you allowed me as a child, to explore, get lost, mess up, and learn on my own
  29. that you kept my shitty ceramics artwork on the fireplace mantel forever (and have always supported my pursuit of the arts)
  30. that you are my mom and i am your daughter

5 thoughts on “30 days of gratitude: day 2 – mom

  1. Sara,

    Thank you so much for your blog about me. I loved it and it brought back so many sweet memories!!

    I am so GRATEFUL for you my darling sweet daughter! I knew the moment I knew I was pregnant with you that you were a gift from God!!

    Love you Lots!!



  2. Sara,

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman. You did forget prepping you and taking you to all those auditions lol 🙂

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