day four: the blue-ies

with three sisters standing tall ready to fall like the ones before, the blue mountains exist just two hours from sydney.


any rock climber’s perfect getaway. small mountain towns tucked away awaiting the city dweller’s escape to nature.


our final stop before heading back to the desert.

it has taken me four months to complete my one week circuit of sydney (in writing). when you step away for so long, each day makes it harder the finish the story. and yet, time helps to sift the simplicities into their complexity.

the beautiful sunny farmer’s market with delicious macadamia nut butter and seedlings for oliver’s garden appears crystal clear.

the panoramic view of the blue mountains and her majestic valleys from a friend’s wall to wall, floor to ceiling, back porch window loses none of its magic.


the fear of placing a loose bolt plate over a carrot stuck into stone for the first time…that never goes away. pitch after pitch to get to one of those views that simply defies words.



the old letterpress finding its home in a friend’s garage, creating handmade designs that people like me pay way too much for.

and the stories that come from old friends.
about the good old times.

but now, october’s city rendezvous has become those good old times. but the sentiments of sydney echo eternally as we wander back to the desert and face the future.


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