living out of boxes and bags.

it’s official. all my things are packed up in a basement in portland. all my other things are awaiting me in chicago. probably will end up in a storage unit for now. or maybe a friend’s basement. but after four years of moving around (ann arbor > grand rapids > portland), it is finally time to pull up my roots entirely and hit the road…at least for a little while.

most people with my kind of wanderlust-ing soul graduate college (if they even went to college) and head out on the road bound to “figure it out.” i could never bring myself to do that. with a heavy load of student loans and an unshakeable attachment to responsibility, the vagabond lifestyle was too risky. so i found ways to do what i loved and travel as much as i could, and live vicariously through brian zimmerman. but now four years later, saradipity media is alive. i can go wherever i want as long as i have my three favorite/least favorite things: my computer, external hard drive, and internet.

after being asked to spend a month in india with my russayog yoga teacher (for trade), i let the idea of floating take me over. now is the time right? no kids. no major bills. no house. no serious relationship. it just feels right. time to become okay with the uneasy feeling i get in my stomach when my plans are not set in stone. when i lose control.

my mom called me today as i was being driven to the san jose airport in california. she wanted to know about tomorrow. and sunday. but those days seem far away. i have no clue what i will be doing on sunday. do i want to go to grandma’s? sure. sounds good. all i know for sure is that today i am flying back to portland (and that our flight just got delayed due to mechanical issues). tonight i will celebrate the holidays with notogroup (one of my clients). and then i will unpack and repack and get ready to fly home to chicago tomorrow. when i arrive at midway airport around 11pm, that is when i will start figuring out my midwestern plans for the holidays.

i hate writing on the computer. i normally send you all an update email every few months packed full of information regarding my travels, love affairs, work, etc. but, who knows if you even read those. so now, you can choose if you want to follow the ramblings and photos or if you would rather not. i usually like to write letters, cards, notes…but i cannot fight the ease of the internet. a simple way to share my thoughts with those who want to know them.

the last time i had a blog was when i was in argentina. traveling around south america and falling in love with everything i saw, everyone i met. and i have a feeling the next few months will be filled with the same sense of awe and gratitude.

3 thoughts on “living out of boxes and bags.

  1. Wow Sara! You are always a smiling light and inspiration whenever I see your photos and read about your adventures!:)
    Now IS the best time to live your dreams and easy-going life. Although I like to believe that you can do anything if you really want to- just gets harder with more responsibility! Enjoy this opportunity and take each day as it comes- live without regrets! Nothing is promised beyond this moment.
    Take care of yourself and have an EXCELLENT adventure!!

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