argentina throwback: visitante

note: these argentina throwback posts are migrated from an old blog. please ignore all the formatting issues that may have occurred. i don’t want to go through and fix them all. 🙂
so i have two more days until the adventurous life ends, and man am i ready for it. but before i take my position as an indoor pool lifeguard for the next month, i will fill you in on the previous month.

buenos aires with ted:
so after living here for 4 months, there were still some huge, major tourist things that i had saved for the end.
1. plaza de mayo: this is the main plaza in b.a. where the mothers of the disappeared children (google argentina’s cruel dictatorship of the past, where the government stole people right out of their houses and put them in holding camps). every thursday at 3:30pm the mothers march around the circle holding signs of lost loved ones. it is also a location of serious political protests. a great tension spot.

2. boca (el caminito): this small street is full of all the colorful houses you may see all the time in photos of argentina. there is some historical reason for the bright colors…something like those colors were cheaper for the poor people who lived there in the past. but now it is full of tourists taking pictures and watching tango shows and buying boca gear (boca being one of the top soccer teams). it was very fun and beautiful. right on the dirty rio de plata, the widest river in the world. you cannot see the other side. boca is a great town, although extremely dangerous at night. so we hopped on the bus before dark. ted went away with some great new soccer track jackets and jerseys.

3. palermo parks: so apparently there are amazing spreads of green green grass a short distance from my house. lots of numerous parks all with trees and such. we toured the japanese gardens and took lots of photos of the huge coy in the water. ted ate his first choripan and later his first empanada. truly an argentine now.
4. the shouts: while looking for something to do, we discovered a beatles cover band playing…AMAZING. they are ranked as latin america’s best beatles cover band. they looked and sang the part. we have video footage. it was amazing. i left even more obsessed with the beatles.
5. la bomba de tiempo: i of course escorted ted to the improv drum show that i have come to know and love as home on monday nights. he was in heaven. live beats. hippies dancing. all in an old oil factory converted into a great space for performances.
6. dinners with the family: i love my family here. they cook and entertain. ted enjoyed meeting them. i think he loves them just as much as me. it is great to listen to them all try to speak english to him. there are also two new girls from the US moved in to take brittany and i’s spots. they are nice. although i hope they do not live up to my reputation haha.
we did it all. walked down santa fe. shopped at all the weekend markets. took in the sights and sounds of the big city one last time. and then we packed up our bags and headed for peru…

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