argentina throwback: lo bueno y lo malo

note: these argentina throwback posts are migrated from an old blog. please ignore all the formatting issues that may have occurred. i don’t want to go through and fix them all. 🙂

So I had an amazing weekend, last weekend. Then there was a week from hell. And now, another great weekend. Nothing so special, but everything extremely special.
The list of fun:
1. Movie nights with Mia and Kate.
You need these. To remind you that you have made new friends and sometimes all you want to do is just be. Not think about everything great there is to do in Argentina. Just the things that you need to do. Like watch Juno and Tommy Boy. Amazing.
2. Nacho y Los Caracoles.
That is Nacho and the Snails. A folk/pop/jam band that played in a small one room bar with an amazing crowd. The band made me smile and clap my hands the whole time. The intermission act was great also. It was a shy girl singing in Spanish, French, and English. The night was full of happiness.
3. Shish Kabobs.
Friends. Food. Music.
A night to remember. Brittany’s boyfriend is visiting and rented an apartment for the month he is here. The apartment has a rooftop patio with a grill and hot tub. So he welcomed all her friends by preparing shish kabobs for all. Then the instruments came out. A keyboard. A trombone. A guitar. A harmonica. A tambourine. And of course, our vocal cords. By 2am, we were all sung out. From Tenecious D to Elton John to Sublime to Anna Nalick to personally written songs, all were sung. Well I might add. A good night to look out at the city from a rooftop and breathe it all in.
4. Independiente vs. River.
Another soccer game. This time Kate and I went with a porteño (Argentine). We arrived late after eating massive amounts of choripan and squeezed our way into the solid packed crowd. Within five minutes, like dominos, we all fell down. Too much jumping and cheering and people trying to pass through non-existing spaces. Scary to be covered with hundreds of people and not be able to get up. But exciting none the less. Back on my feet. Then another five minutes, actually maybe two, and we are down again. Sore ankles. Lots of feet on my arms and legs. But I got up. Ready to start jumping and chanting again. ¡DALE DALE DALE ROOOO DALE DALE ROJO! We were safe, do not worry. After half time, the stands cleared out a bit and it was a great fun experience. The game ended 0-0.
5. Tierra Santa.
This is a Jesus themed park. There is a 40 ft. resurrecting Jesus.
Scenes from every part of the Bible. Shows to demonstrate the big parts like the Creation and Nativity and Last Supper.
There is the town of Bethleham for you to walk through.
The church to visit. Ghandi and the Pope and Mother Teresa were also represented. Arabs and Romans roamed the town. A wholly surreal experience. You cannot help to make fun of the statues and such, but then you are like, oh wait this is a statue of Jesus being whipped…
It has been added to the places to take visitors for sure. There are Argentines who take the park very seriously. But oh man is it kitschy.
6. Urban Art Fair.
A display to bring all Argentine hipsters from their hiding spots. I have never seen so many “hip” people in Argentina. But with good reason. Urban art.
Street art. Live painting. Jamming music. Stickers. Toys. Video installations. It was very cool. A unique space to be in and walk around and exist in.
The list of bad:
1. Flu
I got the flu on Wednesday. The flu with a sore neck. Could it be viral meningitis? Nah. So I debate in bed as I watch endless episodes of Dawson’s Creek. Wrong. Not endless. So I move onto Lost. Wednesday. I miss classes. Thursday. I miss classes. Friday. I am still in bed. My body hates me. Saturday. I am healed. But the debate, the tears, how the hell do you call a doctor and explain what is wrong with you in a foreign language? Luckily, Argentina has house calls, so I would just have to call and a doctor would come to me, but then, hmmm how to do you say neck in Spanish? Oh yes, cuello. The tears finally came. I was finally overwhelmed in being in a strange city with a strange language. After three months, I finally cracked. I finally let my guard down and got sick and faced the fear. I am well now. I am ready to take on the next month. Day by day. Ready to live. Ready to see everything, every inch I can before I have to board the plane back to Chicago.
I guess everyone needs a sick day to get motivated again.

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