when you move to australia.

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1. Most of your income goes towards beer.

The rumors are true. Australians love their beer. Unfortunately, it’s also true that shit is way more expensive on their massive island. Remember the good old days (before you lived in Australia) when you could get a 30-pack of PBR from the local liquor mart for under $20? Those days are long gone. Add a beer category to your monthly budget because $50 for a carton is bound to take its toll on your bottom line.

2. You miss the sound of geckos when you travel.

To answer your first question, yes, geckos make sounds. You immediately learn this fact when trying to fall asleep in your newly-renovated Queenslander. Chirp chirp chirp. At first, you are disgusted that tiny lizards wander in and out of your house as they please, but after a while, they sound like home.

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2 thoughts on “when you move to australia.

  1. as usual, soooooo clever! having been there, i know it is all true… i, too, loved those little geckos – ’til i saw one gobble up its mate (or offspring)… aaaargh. and #13! i have realllly tried to understand cricket – to no avail!… enjoy!

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