hedland headlines.

since there is not a whole lot happening in port hedland, the weekly, wednesday delivery of the regional newspaper is quite a highlight for me. as someone who spent a whole lot of money to study journalism in college, there is nothing better than flipping through the pages of the local paper.

after several weeks of laughing quietly to myself about the absurdity of the content, it’s time to share the fabulousness with you. and so, i’m starting my own weekly, wednesday delivery of “hedlead headlines.” enjoy.

first off. last week’s front page story: BROTHEL CLOSES DOORS

photo 2

you just can’t have prostitutes living in raw sewage! come on. definitely deserves the top spot on the front page, above a great article about new street art in the area…

and after giving the only legal brothel in hedland a bit of star coverage, why not follow it up with an important announcement:

photo 1

and last, but not least, a full page spread warning community members that “cannabis is not a harmless drug.” they need to be clear…which is why they took out a full page ad.

photo 3

see you next week for some more amazing headlines.

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