day twelve: the wax, now the wane

it was cold last night. we need more blankets. i awoke wrapped up like a mummy with the same cold nose i get when camping. turned my one blanket into a sleeping bag.

with the sun already in the sky, we head to the rooftop for some yoga at 7am. we each do our own thing.


everyone seems a little run down today. we are all starting to wane. but we power through the day. eat breakfast, get dressed, and take some time to explore on our own. i decided to stay at the hotel and sit on the rooftop for a bit longer.

it seems like every country has its own hilly setting with colorful houses. we always compare in our heads. this looks like san francisco. this looks like valparaiso. our brain always searches for ways to label our experiences. relate them to something we have experienced.

this looks like udaipur. and only udaipur.


i am trying to give each experience its own change to be experienced.

we took a walk with our tour guide through the streets to the jagdish temple of lord vishnu. a beautiful structure with stone engravings that caught my eye over and over again. such complexities to hinduism. a god or goddess for everything you could ever think of. how do you keep them all straight?


and so many people that catch my eye over and over again. such complexities to humans.


our tour guide was quite entertaining and well trained in asking questions to keep us engaged.

“how many colors in the rainbow?”

“what is the most important thing in life?”

two said breath. one said universal. he said love. i agree. love is the most important thing in life.

the people here are very loving and affectionate. men walk holding hands or arms around each other. even saw one man giving another a head massage randomly. there is no social stigma surrounding their love. strangers give me hugs and kisses. so simple to spread love.


onto the city palace. lots of city palaces in india. this one is apparently the second largest in india. (i think they all say their palace is the largest.)


we toured the walls, the shops, looked at the clothes.

“feel like home. just take and wear. if they ask you, just pay them.”

that was the advice our tour guide told me when i started glancing at the garments. oh india.

off to lunch at some swanky hotel restaurant that reminded me of a timeshare presentation. a quick stop for some sugar cane juice (yes, again). and then i crashed. hit the bed harder than i ever have. instantly asleep.

teresa and sybille went out for a sunset boat ride, but jasprit and i stayed and rested. i did head up to the rooftop to catch sunset, but otherwise, i gave myself time to rest. sleep, write, relax.


tomorrow we fly to mumbai.

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