day eight: catching back up

so clearly this blog a day thing is starting to become difficult as we travel more and clients need more work completed, but here we go. i have opted to stay behind on a sunset boat ride to play catch up. catch up on me. this blog. my sleep. my journal. my calm.

the past four days have been full of travel and new towns. not necessarily a ton of exciting adventure, but lots of sights and sounds and time to tune into my surroundings.

so rewinding back to where i left off. day 8.

we ended up back in delhi after our short trip to amritsar. arrived back to our hotel at 1am and woke up at 7am and spent our last morning doing yoga in lodhi garden. such a sacred space. welcoming and beautiful. jasprit says we won’t have another place like this to practice in throughout the rest of the trip. the sun gently nudging the fog away over the frosted roses row by row.

a slow day. we head to hamayun’s tomb and tour the pre-cursor to the taj mahal. the buildings here are so spectacular. and to think the amount of time it took to build them.


the process of construction doesn’t seem to have changed. everything in repair, but with all the time in the world. a couple guys with shovels and miles of unearthed road. one day. it will all come together one day. no one is in a hurry to find order. i like it. it feels more comfortable. a space to be yourself and not so put together all the time.

when hunger struck, we headed to bengali market’s competition, nathu’s sweethouse (literally across the street). i got a mini-meal. we are starting to figure out the amount of food we need to order to not have leftovers between the four of us. usually three dishes is plenty. add in some rice and bread of sort. i am still in dessert heaven here. sugar sugar everywhere. in coffee, in chai, in milk. i have to be careful to not send myself into a sugar coma. but i think i am finding the balance of delicious treats and healthy eats.


we ended the night with a trip back to janpath street for some more shopping. i found my way into a paper store and walked out with several new journals and a set of fabric greeting cards for $20. an amazing change from the $100 i usually drop when i walking into my favorite paper store in portland. it is heaven running my fingertips over the handmade sheets of paper. all sorts of colors and textures and patterns.

a hot chocolate as my night cap and to sleep we go. packed up and ready to move onto our next destination.

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