day one: travel forever

according to my computer, i have been flying through the sky for about five hours. that means there is still four more to go followed by a three hour layover in amsterdam followed by seven more hours to delhi. they turned off the cabin lights. it is 6:30pm in portland. i shouldn’t be tired, but i am. stuck in this capsule when time does not exist. we will land in amsterdam, and my body will think it is midnight but it will be 9am. so i should probably sleep right now.

but, my mind is restless.

packed in only a 30 liter backpack and my trusty corduroy jansport. headed to india for a month. everyone wanted to talk to me one last time before i left (sorry for those of you who i missed calling back). wish me luck. ask if i was excited. remind me to bring them back something awesome. tell me it would be a life-changing experience.

all the words just circled around my head as my brain stressed about all the work that needed to get done. can you actually take a month off when you are self-employed? not entirely. finding the balance. that will be the key. remembering that i am experiencing an amazing opportunity, but it is because of my business and amazing clients that i can even go on this trip.

traveling north to south in india with a native. i did not have to plan a thing. emails just appeared in my inbox with updated itineraries, powerpoint presentations, and packing lists. i just continued cramming my days full of work trying to stay focused on the tasks at hand. but now, i am trapped in an airplane. the buzzing hum of the interior lulling my thoughts into silence. making my eardrums and lungs expand. the weird feeling you get when you are too sleepy is setting in. would i be this tired at 6:30pm if i were back in portland on the ground?

what do you do for ten hours in a middle seat? so far i have…

  • read four pages of the fountainhead
  • wrote in my journal while listening to daisy may
  • watched magic mike (slightly awkward to watch on a plane with people sitting next to you)
  • ate a pretty decent airplane meal of indian food
  • responded to a very well-crafted proposal for my next adventure while listening to sean rowe
  • wrote this blog post while listening to the soil and the sun
  • watched new woody allen movie, something with rome in the title

estoy cansado. tengo mucho sueno.

time to give into the false night they have provided. five hours to sleep before they serve breakfast. maybe jet lag and i will become friends and not enemies.

day one has begun.

we arrived at the delhi airport at 1am. our driver informed us that the hotel had moved us to a different hotel without us knowing. welcome to india! turns out this hotel is nicer anyways. so now we are at hotel gulnar in karol bahg outside of delhi. in bed by 2am and after a 20 hour day of travel, you would think sleeping in would be a must…but no. jasprit (my yoga teacher) and his wife teresa want us up by 6:30am.

good night dogs barking. good night horns honking. welcome to india.

3 thoughts on “day one: travel forever

  1. yeah, we are good to go. i am with my yoga teacher who is born and raised in delhi. it is magical what happens when you start speaking hindi. my brain keeps reverting to spanish though…

  2. Great job Sara, keep it up. I’m enjoying traveling along with you without the possibility of stomach/bowel problems! India-the absolute full spectrum of the human condition. We in the US are just little piss ants in time and culture.
    The best to you on this adventure-
    Clint (Georgette’s husband)

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