argentina throwback: listas

note: these argentina throwback posts are migrated from an old blog. please ignore all the formatting issues that may have occurred. i don’t want to go through and fix them all. 🙂

35 days remaining. homework and such piling on heavier. but each day i wake up to the crisp autumn air and walk in the hustle bustle of santa fe avenue and remember to breathe. i make lists. on hot pink post-its. the current list:

brown/gray painting
watercolor painting
independent project
finish all other paintings
edit/finish documentary film
documentary essay (2 pg)
spanish presentation
painting analysis essay (7 pg)
poetry exam
spanish exam
phew. then peru. machu picchu. time to live life and return to the crazy force of nature.
there also lists of places still left to see. things to do. two weeks and i again become a tourist. a stranger to this big city. this crazy world of spanish words and milanesa.
my group and i met with our professional editor to edit our documentary film about freakmodels. it is going to be amazing, although it is in spanish, so i guess i will have to translate for all of you monolingual folks. or non-spanish speaking rather. next year, at school, i am going to work on putting english subtitles on it. no worries. it is going to be a great portfolio builder to go home with a 15-20 min. documentary. every photographer dabbles a bit in film i suppose. i think i am starting to miss my photography which is good. very good. my painting here has taken top shelf. something that i am very pleased about, but the photo urge is nice to feel returning. maybe it is rearing its head in time for peru.
the msu girls left. 3 weeks flew by so quickly. a few more people to visit though. my host mom’s other daughter and her two kids (6 and baby) that live in spain are coming at the end of june. my friend rory from high school is coming for a short language program in the end of june also. then of course ted joins me for my adventures. i wish you could all be here. seeing. hearing. smelling. tasting. touching.

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