argentina throwback: en la vida

note: these argentina throwback posts are migrated from an old blog. please ignore all the formatting issues that may have occurred. i don’t want to go through and fix them all. 🙂


Well, a week has gone by. So far, I have learned how to use the “vos” form which is an Argentine language specialty. I have met some cool people. And just last night experienced nightlife as an Argentine. I went out at 11:30pm and came home around 5am. Which then meant, I slept until 3pm today, woke up, realized I had missed the bus for the city tour that was scheduled for today, so I went back to bed, then finally got up and did some grocery shopping. You may be thinking that I was hung over or something, but I did not even drink much. One fruity peach wine spritzer thing. We did go to a private party of a friend of a friend or something where it was all Argentines and us 6 Americans. That was fun. It was difficult to understand the Spanish because it was loud and they were all drunk and speaking fast. But once they gathered I was lost, they would slow down for me. It was quite an experience.

Hmm also, I have already witnessed the crime scene. An old woman’s necklace was ripped off her neck by a bicyclist riding by on a busy street in broad daylight. So now, I hold my belongings close at all times. But I still feel safe. Just don’t wear fancy things to show you are wealthy. The residence hall was robbed also because people let in strangers. Tisk tisk. My house is really nice though, so no worries. I am trying to figure out how to post pictures, so bare with me. It currently takes forever to load them online.
Next week, we go to a Estancia or classic country living…horses, gauchos, outdoors, hiking, canoeing, all that jazz. We also go on a bike riding tour of the city. Tomorrow I am trekking over to San Telmo (a neighborhood) to visit the Sunday flea market. I have mastered the colectivas (buses) and the subte (subway). They are quite an experience, especially during rush hour when things get pretty intimate. Or rather amazing, when trying to squeeze whoever fits in before the doors close. But since Buenos Aires is a huge city, walking only gets you so far. Although, yesterday, I did walk about 100 blocks. I have been walking a lot. It is a great way to get oriented and see the street life. 
Last night, I went to my host mom’s friend Gabbie’s house for her birthday. It was me and 12 Argentines. We sat around eating pasta and bread. Then the wine, then lots of jokes. It took all my energy to figure out the punch lines. One I had heard in English so when they asked if I had gotten it, I was proud to say yes! There was a long conversation about gays and transvestites also, although I did not grasp exactly what way they were leaning in that discussion. The conversations always seem pretty in depth here. Lots of politics. At the dinner table the other night, Brittany (housemate from South Carolina) and I were talking about infidelity with our family. They were saying how Argentines are so jealous that you cannot really have friends of the opposite sex. And how the jealousy probably stems from the extreme importance placed on appearance here. Everyone gets plastic surgery. Everyone is beautiful. Brittany and I were explaining how we both have many guy friends, and Sole (my 26 year old sister) said that if she went to coffee with a boy, her boyfriend would dump her. Yikes. Silvia (my mom) also said that she would prefer to not know if her husband cheated on her. He should just break it off and deal with his guilt without adding to her pain. Cultural differences. Interesting.

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