argentina throwback: mi casa es su casa

note: these argentina throwback posts are migrated from an old blog. please ignore all the formatting issues that may have occurred. i don’t want to go through and fix them all. 🙂

Hola all!

I made it safe and sound. No problems at all, although there was a lot of waiting in lines through immigration and such. But I am here with my new family. They are all wonderful! I have my own little room. It is no bigger than a large walk-in closet, but it is very cozy. There is a small door that leads to a patio also. My apartment looks out over Parque Las Heras, a beautiful park with paths and green grass. I have a cute little desk and bed and closet and book shelf. It will feel like home in no time.

I am slightly jetlagged because attempting to sleep in a middle seat is near impossible for 11 hours. But I took a 2-hour nap after shopping and coffee with toast with my “mom”. Tomorrow the real excursions begin… I have to be at the IES Center bright and early at 9:45am. I know that does not sound too early, but when you have not gotten up before noon for 2 months, it is. Although I am tired, I am heading out tonight with my brother, Augustin and his girlfriend, Ro (short for Rosana). Time for the fiestas to begin. Supposedly, we are seeing the opening of a new band.
Augustin: “You like live black music?”
Me: “Pardon?”
Augustin: “You know, R&B y soul y rap.”
Me: “Ahhh sí, black music.”
SO that is where I am off to.
The night is still young here in Buenos Airrrrres!

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